Random thoughts while traveling: Nor(fick)

This is me, packed for a business trip.  I pack exactly enough.  EXACTLY enough.  I’m getting good at that and it’s a little sad.

No makeup in the luggage (there’s no point).  It just takes up space.  No contact lenses because I lost the last one in a toilet incident and I don’t have an appointment until the weekend.  My glasses don’t stay on my nose and that makes me anxious.  What if I have to run from kidnappers?  The glasses will surely slow me down.  At least I am wearing running shoes. Continue reading Random thoughts while traveling: Nor(fick)


Random thoughts while traveling: Orlando

So I’m in Orlando for a work conference.  Uneventful trip here.  I would normally be traveling with my principal investigator but she decided to drive down with her family for the weekend.  Already I’m nervous about being forced into awkward social situations without a buffer.  The PI is usually my buffer.  She’s smart, charismatic, cool.  Cool neurologists are hard to come by.  I like many of them with all of their various genius quirks, but cool is rare. I’ll never be as cool as her.   Continue reading Random thoughts while traveling: Orlando

Featured Athlete: Colby “the Barbarian” McIntyre

“Have you ever tried to do anything extraordinary in your life?”  Continue reading Featured Athlete: Colby “the Barbarian” McIntyre