I ate my way through San Diego

Business trips for me never leave enough time to explore the city.  I may go to some really fun places like Orlando or Vegas but usually only see the inside of a conference room.  And then it’s back on the plane and back to the insanity I left behind at the office. Continue reading I ate my way through San Diego

Home is where….

I’ve been experiencing this nagging feeling the past few weeks.

It started the day my mom, Paa, and Loung Facetimed me from the Korean airport, en route to Laos.  We bought Mom an iPad so that she could “see” us when we couldn’t come home from wherever we are.  And apparently, since she is more of a world traveler than I am these days, we need it to keep up with her.   Continue reading Home is where….

In the Kitchen with Noony: the glory and the sorrow

The #KitchenAid's maiden voyage. Many tasty travels ahead.

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I’ve been told that I’m a good cook. I make things that are edible and nourishing and occasionally pleasing to the eye. My abilites are nowhere close to my chef brother though, and I don’t always win in the kitchen. Amongst the most memorable of my kitchen disasters is the time I thought a pastry mat was made of silicone and it melted in the oven. Zero biscuits survived the incident.  Continue reading In the Kitchen with Noony: the glory and the sorrow