Random Texts from Mom


My mother recently joined the world of technology: she learned to text.  That’s about all she can do.  She still thinks everything on the Internet is “E-mail” (Hey, can you get on the e-mail and find the ticket for mama?).  More recently, she tells me to “Facebook this to your aunt.”  I think she’s starting to feel like a technology hotshot.

Her early texts consisted of just photos (she learned how to take photos with her little flip phone).  If I responded by saying, “What’s that?” she would text another photo, this time zoomed in, to clarify.  I think it is hilariously endearing to see her spell things as she would pronounce them (with an accent).  For those of you who are tsking and wagging your finger at me, I’m not making fun of my mom.  (What kind of person do you think I am?)  I actually talked to her about it a while ago and she thinks it’s funny too.  The ability to laugh at myself – I get that from her.  Here is an excerpt from our most recent conversations:

Saturday 8:07 PM


Me: No fair!

Mom: Pa said come &get it’s [My aunt said come and get it]

Me: Yeah I wish!

Mom: What u cook?

Me: Low country boil!  A lot of shrimp.

Mom: Ok alot ofcrab

Me: We can have a party!

Mom:  That rid we have party [That’s right, we’re having a party.]

Mom: Ok dog lost [Georgia Bulldogs – the collegiate football team – lost]

Me: I know.  They sucked.

End of conversation.

Today 6:02 PM

Mom: Tomorrow goodluck on u test. tex me u address i will send u some fruit [I have a board certification exam in the morning.]

Me: What kind of fruit?

Mom: Pesamomd [persimmons]

Me: That’s a lot!

Mom: Yes!  Send the last picture to pa thom. [My aunt in France]

Me: Ok I will

Mom: Ok goodluck i go tackabat [I first thought she meant “take a bath” but then I remembered she said earlier this week that she’s going to thakbaat – give alms – on Saturday.]

Me: Ok Mom thanks

Ah.  I love my mom.  I hope everyone with an immigrant mother can identify with that and smile.


5 thoughts on “Random Texts from Mom”

    1. Hehe, thanks. Of course, I could be wrong and she did, in fact, say she was going to take a bath. You know how sometimes you’re not sure how to end text conversations? With my mom, it’ll be something unexpected like that.

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