Man on Bay Street

The other day, I saw a man walking on the sidewalk
edging a busy street.  Cars zooming past in a 35,
everyone rushing to beat the traffic,
hurry up hurry up, can’t be late for the red light.
So many people on this path:
pedestrians at the crosswalk; travelers at the bus stop;
neighborhood loiterers doing god knows what.
Slowed down to get a closer look
and see he’s eerily still.
Should I stop, just in case he’s ill?
That’s when I notice
his clothes: soiled,
his hair: matted,
expression: blank.

Other pedestrians avoid him.
I keep driving
and a quiet guilt begins to gnaw.


2 thoughts on “Man on Bay Street”

  1. Oh, Noony, you have a soft heart. I know that heart. Sometimes it’s in me, too, whenever I see anyone or anything in distress or helpless or uncared for, not unlike that man an the street. xoxo, Angie.

    1. DP told me, “You have to remember that sometimes it’s not really your place, and you can’t always stop for everyone.” But it just eats at me anyway. I always wonder, What happened to him? Did he ever have anyone who loved him? Thanks, Angie… xoxo

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