Friendships forged in food

Potato Stuffed Peppers with Tomatoes and Simple Cabbage Slaw

These peppers take me back to high school and family dinners with my Bosnian friend T. Whenever I prepare this dish, it reminds me of all the fresh bread and ajvar I can eat. Mmm, ajvar…

Her family eats a good bit of meat.  I was vegan back then, and the peppers were one of the few vegan dishes on her mom’s table (minus the healthy dollop of sour cream). When I first tasted them, I knew we’d be friends for life.

I hope T’s folks don’t disown me for altering the recipe. I am always looking for dinner shortcuts, and I’ve been on this crock pot kick lately. I must say, they are definitely better baked in the oven. The flavor was there, but not the texture. Serves me right for messing with perfection!


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