For those who wander


I wish I could tell you something good, child.
But everything good about this world falls too fast
and never lasts beyond the shimmer of yesterday.
I am too poor for the price that comes with fortune, a grain of salty sand
for every dream come true.  I wish I could tell you, child,
our paths will always cross, my footsteps never lost
or made in places you can’t follow.
I wish I could tell you that we’ll always come back to this place
where we laughed together, where I watched you face your fears
where we danced in the summer rains and saw year after year
the same rolling fields, the same hearts that never yield
to time.  I’ve always tried to protect you from the pains of living,
though you didn’t always need it.  I couldn’t bear to see you
tarnished by everyday wrongs.  It’s your innocence that makes me kind
and patient and strong.  I always wished for the sun to shine down
on your darkest mood, for its warmth to hold you as you stood
in moments of quiet need.
You never cried out for me, but I secretly hoped you would.
It’s not that I think we’ll wake one day, miles from happiness and each other.
The truth is, it’s lonesome chasing after dreams
and when you finally catch them, everyone in between
gets pushed aside, at some point or another.
Time changes everything, even two inseperables like you and me.
Some day we’ll face it, some day we’ll have no choice
Some day I’ll search old memories just to hear your voice.
And when it comes to that, we should find our way back home,
that place we ran through the summer rains and never felt alone…


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