Fiesta Friday #1: I survived Snowpocalypse 2014…now what?

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For this inaugural Fiesta Friday posting, I shall start by lamenting the unexpected days off work this week, on account of snow that never came.  

My heart went out to those poor souls in Atlanta who were stranded in traffic during the winter storm earlier this week.  (If you didn’t hear, a baby was born in all that mess.)  However, the “storm” in my neck of the woods was so unremarkable that I didn’t even bother to pick up the camera, as indicated by the borrowed photo above.  It was just enough ice to shut down county government for two days, trapping me in a drafty house with no Internet, no cable, and not nearly enough alcohol.

I usually have no trouble finding things to do sans technology, but it was so miserably cold that I spent most of the time shuffling around in a blanket.  My only reprieve was the gym, which opened briefly to accommodate the dedicated few.  There is no central heating in the building, so it was imperative that we moved around like maniacs to generate sufficient warmth.  Calorie burn = success.

At home, I tried to stir up good vibes by thawing out some persimmon pulp to make my favorite sweet bread.  It was better than ever, and the house smelled like Christmas.  I’m not sure what I did differently – I just remember that the persimmons were extremely ripe at the time of freezing, to the point where they almost wound up in the garbage disposal.  Calorie replenishment = success.

It was cruel to make us go back to work after two days off in the middle of the week.  They better be glad I like my job, or I’d stir up all kinds of ruckus!  Who am I kidding?  The government owns me, and I have nothing better to do on a Friday than track mosquito-borne diseases.

Because of the weird weekend-in-the-middle-of-the-week, Friday felt like Monday…and now it’s the weekend again.  I am in a time warp.  All time is relative.  My relatives got real snow (further north).  I was snowed in without any snow.

Have I gone mad?

So the goal of this weekend is to shake off the cabin fever and my frustrations with technology.  I’ve already gone on a brunch date with some colleagues, trained for 2 hours, and called the cable guy to come back because the Internet stopped working again the instant he left this morning.

Tonight we’re going to watch some local bands play out on the islands, if we can stay up that late.  I don’t know – I’m feeling pretty whacky.

If all else fails to settle me back into normalcy, there is Sunday yoga.

Somebody once said, You can rest when you’re dead.  I don’t know who that person was, but s/he must know what it’s like to dream of sleeping all weekend and then making a dozen commitments anyway.


17 thoughts on “Fiesta Friday #1: I survived Snowpocalypse 2014…now what?”

  1. So, you were snowed in without snow, and I was dismissed early from work because of snow. I’d say we’re even. The bread, by the way, does look better than ever. Still have persimmon pulp, huh? I’m all out. Strangely, there are still persimmons in this one store, hard as rock. Not sure if I should get them. You having fun yet at the party? Try chatting up the other guests. XOXO

    1. Ok, maybe I exaggerated a bit. Let’s say I was iced in by ice and miserably too cold to function. I’ve been saving the last bit of persimmon for a worthy occasion. Makes me wish for warm weather – have to stock up on pulp! I’m going to mingle today!

    1. Ahahaha! That’s why I can’t live in the north. Southern people are scared of winter precipitation, it’s a fact. And yet part of us always gets a little excited about it. My mom still does!

    1. Love snow right after it falls. Hate the way Southerners can’t drive in it. Where I live, people wreck on a normal basis when there’s only light rain. Makes commuting pretty scary. Thanks for visiting!

  2. The bread looks amazing. I’ve never seen persimmons here, but we still have plenty of rhubarb in the freezer. It wouldn’t taste the same, of course, but surely would make a good quick bread anyway.

    I’m in Friday Fiesta, too. Stop by and say hi for my own 100th post!

    1. I’ve met some pretty neat people through Angie. Love the Fiesta Friday theme. Thanks for reading and liking my stuff. Looking forward to catching up on your posts!

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