Prepare for The Walking Dead !

I am not a TV person.  I don’t get excited about the Super Bowl. There’s only one thing that gets me excited about Sunday television: zombies!  Currently I am riding the zombie bandwagon with AMC’s The Walking Dead because, well, why not?

Zombie flicks are my guilty pleasure.  I try to watch all the ones on Netflix, even if they are rated 2 stars.  I am not asking for quality acting or even award-winning special effects here.  What I’m looking for is a creative spin on the well-known zombie creationism theories, and what the heck zombie control officials are going to do about it. The resolution of the epidemic is crucial, obviously.  Plot is everything to an overplayed theme.

It all started with Night of the Living Dead.  Mom was not in the least bit concerned about the potential psychological damage that could occur from letting us watch horror films as children – as long as there was no nudity or too much cursing.  She was entertained by my blood-curdling screams as Brother chased me through the house, threatening to eat my brains.  Of course, we are talking about the same woman who chased me through the house herself, pretending to be the Bamboozler.

Judy…is that you?

As an infectious disease fanatic and arbovirus surveillance professional, I find it strange that no one has thought of zombie virus transmission via arthropods.  Or have they?  Quick, someone research this for me – I’m busy chasing mosquitoes.  (A warning to Hollywood – if anyone tries to rip me off, this blog post serves as my Exhibit A.)

(On a related note, I’ve been told that I over-analyze science moments in movies, and that it takes the fun out of the whole thing. Are you kidding me?  What could be more fun?!)

With the help of some bored brilliant colleagues, I feel confident that we can make this film happen.  I’ll calculate an MIR to determine the likelihood of infection for you.  If some smarter math people can run the theoretical models for me, that’d be great.

I find this theory much more plausible than reanimated corpses exposed to toxic waste. We have come a long way since Night of the Living Dead.

Other films that have done a good job with spinning novel zombie theories:

  1. 28 Days Later
  2. World War Z
  3. I Am Legend
  4. The Horde 
  5. Exit Humanity 
  6. Quarantine

Zombies have gained so much mainstream attention that even the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have developed an educational campaign geared towards emergency preparedness under the guise of zombie response.  I love this idea so much.  You don’t even know.

Does your apocalypse team look like this?

I love The Walking Dead because 1) I can find these character archetypes in my own life; and 2) when I drive through the countryside, on the way to see my parents, the scenery is straight out of the show’s set design, which terrifies me.  Awesome.

In anticipation of this Sunday’s mid-season premier of The Walking Dead, I give you my Apocalypse Survival Team:

  • Noonie: I can’t very well be expected to live without her, as we share the same brain.
  • Noonie’s husband (I call him  “Paolo” – inside joke) and DP:  Aside from their military backgrounds, they both have strong survival instincts and can fix anything.  Also, when it becomes safe to do so, the world needs to be repopulated.
  • Inhabitants of The Shire: They all survived refugee camp, poverty in America, and are the most resourceful people I know.  Well over half of their food supply already comes from right there on the property.

For this Fiesta Friday, I invite you to:

  1. Grab some snacks (preferably zombie themed – maybe some hunch punch with frozen grape eyeballs to go with any of these amazingly creative ideas from Buzzfeed)
  2. Watch the first half of Season 4: The Walking Dead – or catch up on all the past episodes – and
  3. Tune in with me Sunday night to see what happens to the surviving team members!  I will be doing all that and maybe even watching a new Netflix zombie flick.

Oh.  I went ahead and “dead-ed” DP too.  (Wasn’t that thoughtful of me?)  I swear, he is constantly eating something…  Don’t we make a gross cute couple?

You, too, can dead yourself.  That is, if you have a morbid sense of humor.


9 thoughts on “Prepare for The Walking Dead !”

    1. It’s just this crazy schedule…it’s sapping the life from me. bahahaa

      This site is more like PG-13, btw.

      I have been trying to convince people to do a zombie run with me! DP says I might get so frightened that I will just fall down in a catatonic state. That sounds like so much fun!

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