To be or not to be (my Valentine)

DP and I have a hard time making romantic plans.  We are not romantic people, and we certainly don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day in the way that Hallmark wants us to.  In five years together, we have never made a big deal about this completely commercialized and made-up holiday.

So I was surprised when he suggested we go out to eat.  I suppose going to a restaurant – even if it happens to be on February 14 – isn’t necessarily supporting anything beyond that particular establishment.  Besides, everyone needs to eat.

We ran the 5:30 training session at the gym as usual.  The dedicated few (aka the students without Valentine’s Day plans) showed up.  We were going to shower at the gym, then walk over to the sushi joint that happens to be next door.  How convenient for two people who can’t make plans!

After locking up, we peeked next door and discovered what I had already guessed would be true – the place was a mad house.  So we did what any desperate, starving people without reservations would do: we went to the Asian buffet.

What says romance like getting elbowed out of the buffet line by a complete stranger who insists on gathering up every last crawfish?  (I saw her take away at least 3 plates and still gave me a nasty look for managing to salvage a few.)

At any rate, I ate my fill of sushi.  I am well aware of the risk involved with consuming raw fish – especially at a buffet – but I live dangerously.  I saw one of my former students as we were leaving, and I’m sure she was thinking,”Did I really just see my Public Health professor at a buffet?”

Professors are humans too.  We make reckless dining decisions from time to time.  One time, I ate a yogurt that I accidentally left  in my lunch box on the counter overnight.

That was the peak of my Fiesta Friday excitement.  It sure beats the Valentines of my childhood.  My parents never really understood the point of the holiday, so they weren’t going to waste money on colorful paper and candy for my classmates.  There was one year when everyone had their own “mailboxes” (decorated paper lunch bags), and the kids went around secretly delivering Valentines to each one.  It’s not like I counted them, but I’m pretty sure my mailbox had the fewest…

My sister-in-law sent me a Valentine with a Starbucks gift card.  I will allow it, despite my aversion to this holiday, because she made the card herself.  She’s so thoughtful.


9 thoughts on “To be or not to be (my Valentine)”

  1. I hope you’re not going to be mad at me for making fun of my professor in my last post, Professor Noony. Really, I loved all my professors. The one I make fun of the most. That card from SIL is so cute and creative. Does she have a blog? So I can follow? 🙂

    1. Haha! Well, I am only a part-time professor and I make fun of other professors so I thought your story was funny. 🙂
      I wish my SIL had a blog! Technically, she has a wedding blog (they’re getting married in May) but that doesn’t show any of her crafts. You should see the things she’s made for the wedding. She’s an event planner and is planning her own wedding…brave girl!

  2. We’re not big on Valentine’s Day either. We do the cards and a nice dinner, but that’s about it. This year we downgraded from nice dinner to Korean BBQ, but my boyfriend said the prices were high enough for it to still count. 😉

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