Lucy, you have some ‘splainin’ to do!

So after all the drama the first two turtles caused us, imagine DP’s exasperation when I texted him a photo of this hatchling I found in the corner of a concrete parking lot.  

I had a lot of explaining to do.  A friend reassured me, What’s one more turtle?  It’s not as if this were a third puppy or a child. I’m not sure how you should take that comparison.

But I wasn’t planning on keeping Turtle #3.

The temperature for the next three nights was expected to drop (again), and I felt guilty about leaving the tiny thing (which, by the way, was half the size of both Mochi and Peanut when I first found them) outside.

Yes, I do realize that’s part of nature.

I put Turtle #3 in the pond and nothing happened.  It was so well camouflaged that Mochi stepped right over it without noticing.

A couple days later, they were all sunning on the rocks together.  Zero drama.

Turtle #3 is now named Rosy (“it” has pinkish streaks on both cheeks).

I think I am turtle hoarder.


Note:  Have no fear, animal rights activists – there is a nice fish pond at my office where all the rescue turtles eventually go, unless we finally get around to installing our own backyard pond.

With love,

from Noony 


7 thoughts on “Lucy, you have some ‘splainin’ to do!”

    1. Now there is the real question. Apparently, the animal spirit for introverts is the turtle, which makes total sense. Maybe I am a turtle whisperer. Hmm…

      The first place I would look is near a nice, freshwater pond with fish and plenty of duckweed. They love that stuff. However, Mochi was found in a helicopter hangar; Peanut was abandoned in a neighbor’s bedroom when they moved out; and of course, Rosy was in a parking lot. So I really have no idea!

      Rosy will stay tiny if Mochi’s fat butt doesn’t stop stealing its food!

    1. Thanks, Patty! I dread finding #4…it could be anywhere, probably a totally unlikely spot…like the hood of my car or something crazy. And if I keep it, we will definitely have to make a huge pond in the back yard.

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