Teak of the Town

Beautiful teak architecture in Mae Hong Son Province, Thailand

These photos are from a TLSDF workshop in late 2009.

Ever since our Chiang Mai adventure, I’ve wanted to live in a tree house.  Of course, the weather there is much more conducive to such a lifestyle compared to where we live in the States.

I once built myself a “tree house” when I was a kid.  It was basically a wooden board sloppily hammered in between two tree branches, maybe 10 feet from the ground.  An old plastic, 1.25 gallon ice cream tub attached to a rope was how I hauled snacks and books up there.  I would sit for hours by myself, listening to a cheap AM/FM radio that picked up two stations: alternative/rock and country.  Then my entire backside would start to hurt from sitting on a piece of wood for so long, and I’d have to climb down again.  By that time, dinner was ready.

Those were the days when none of my cousins or Brother were around, for whatever reason.  I became that kid who sat in trees and read books.

One day, I fell off a fence (completely unrelated to the tree house) and knocked the breath out of my lungs.  I must have lay there for quite some time, staring at the sky.  It was a long time before I climbed trees again.

My adorable friends, Lek and Maeo.

4 thoughts on “Teak of the Town”

    1. Yes, I will help you build one. It can have a separate wing for kids (if you insist). Now that I am an adult, maybe we can upgrade from the single-board platform model. 🙂

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