Protein energy bites-cum-cake-tart-thingy

Last weekend, we took three competitors to the World Kickboxing Association North American Championships.  They competed in the novice full-rules Muay Thai division.

I packed some sandwiches for the road and made a large batch of these protein bites, so our fighters could have quick energy and nutrients immediately after they weighed in.  The recipe was originally inspired by a coffee shop here in town and then later a similar recipe from Nancy.  She was so clever to find a use for a huge tub of trail mix that wasn’t getting eaten fast enough.

The bites were a huge success with both the competitors and their supporters.  One of the guys jokingly asked for a birthday cake version.  And, of course, I’m bringing it to FF9 for my friends there to enjoy.

FYI: I usually take food challenges seriously.  I say “usually” because a couple times I have not wanted to waste money on experiments and/or I was entirely too busy.  I told a guy at work that if he quit smoking for 6 months, I would make him a pineapple upside-down cake.  I could only rely on his word, but at the end of 6 months, I came through.  Now he’s trying to lose weight, and it’s partly my fault.  But that wasn’t in the agreement.  

I have been plotting this recipe ever since “energy ball cake” came up in conversation.  That’s nearly a week with ideas of ganache glue, coconut mousse, and a protein ball tower drifting through my head.

In true Noony fashion, when it comes to made-up recipes, I have no idea what any of the measurements were.  Here’s what’s in the bites/tart base, in some ratio that seemed to work:

Peanut butter
Flax seed
Chocolate powdered protein
Unsweetened shredded coconut
Mini semi-sweet Nestle morsels

For the glaze:

Confectioner’s sugar
Coconut milk
Chicory coffee
Vanilla extract


33 thoughts on “Protein energy bites-cum-cake-tart-thingy”

    1. Oh my gosh! I have no idea what possessed me. That glaze came out of nowhere and turns out to be the star of the whole recipe. Something about the coconut milk and coffee…I’m going to start using it in more desserts. Sometimes I even surprise myself haha.

    1. I think I obsessed over it in my sleep haha. I kept thinking, how can I make it into a cake-like thing without altering any of the ingredients? I’m pretty surprised at the results.

    1. You are welcome! My memory actually does work and was able to pull out your recipe from the mental catalog of all these wonderful food bloggers I’ve been following. 🙂

  1. Wow, wow, wow!!! What an amazing creation!! My brain is going through the ingredient list and putting it all together and it is over-the-top delicious!!!!! Your creativity is such an inspiration!!!

    1. Thanks, I have my moments. 😉 I have been in a rut lately – just getting caught up in being so busy. Honestly, I am inspired by everyone I have met through Angie’s blog. You guys are amazing!

  2. Noony, we should challenge each other to make things, as I also have made things up based on nothing more than a vague idea. But those, ahem, adventures are so much fun! That glaze sounds and looks incredible, saving the idea! 😀

    1. More than happy to share. I can’t wait to use the glaze again in other dishes. I think challenging each other is a good idea, especially for me. I have been in a rut lately. Thank you!

    1. The recipe is so simple that you can put all your effort into thinking up hundreds of interesting and creative variations. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

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