A gift of Instagram for my 100th post

I am a fan of Instagram.  But I am also a bit paranoid about people (read: strangers) following me on social media, so I keep networking sites as far away from WordPress as I can.  Sure, there was a time I posted automatically to Facebook, until I realized that I have a phobia of knowing exactly who my readers are.  I prefer the idea of anonymity, even if it’s just an idea.  

What I like most about Instagram is the ability to share my view of the world in a single, simple snapshot.  I take an obnoxious amount of phone photos, the majority of subjects being food, science, and nature… things that my “real life” friends might actually wish I’d stop posting.   But! with these topics, it’s easier to remain anonymous, so I feel safer attaching such an account to this blog.

I can’t promise you that I won’t soon tire of switching between my private and public accounts, but if you are interested in following my photo adventures, you will find me


And that is as much to-do as I can muster for my 100th post.  It’s been a long week of recovery after the bachelorette cruise, and work has been picking up significantly.  I already need another holiday.

Update:  I forgot to add that Instagram is an awesome way to stay in touch when you don’t have a lot of time – that’s why I consider it a gift to share the things I see with my friends here, who always brighten my day with their comments and likes.


15 thoughts on “A gift of Instagram for my 100th post”

  1. Okay, that’s my clue to start an instagram account, so I can follow you, but what is it exactly? Is it just like flickr, pinterest, or something else? I can barely keep up with FB and pinterest, along with the blog!

    1. If you have a tablet or a smart phone, Instagram is actually easier to deal with than all the other social media apps (in my humble opinion). Very friendly to busy bloggers. All you do is post pictures, and friends can like or comment. I’ve never used flickr but maybe similar? Or tumblr. Go for it, ladies! If you don’t like it, you can still view my photos online (http://instagram.com/noony_tales).

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