Desperate times

A normal look for me.

I like fancy food just as much as the next foodie.  But when you are behind on a long list of to-do’s and you haven’t been grocery shopping in almost 2 weeks, the meal situation tends to become desperate.  Hey, I was in two weddings that were two days apart.  Don’t judge me.

So there I was: cleaning, baking, playing with turtles (don’t worry, I washed my hands), and lesson planning.  Multi-tasking on speed.  You know how it is when your mind is on so many things that you forget to be hungry.  Until you’re suddenly ravenous and there is nothing readily available to eat.

Those bags of premixed iceberg salad in the fridge suddenly sounded quite appetizing, even though I hate iceberg lettuce.  Don’t tell Mom I said that; she sent me home with two huge packages that were left over from the wedding.  You know, the bulk quantities that you buy to feed 100+ people on a budget.

I found myself staring at this chopped, glorified H20 that gets its solid structure from fiber.  Who knew I was such a lettuce snob?  (OK, so it might have some nutritional value.  But I still don’t prefer it.)  Then, a stroke of genius – I toasted some leftover shrimp spring rolls, chopped them up, and voilà!  Salad topper.

I’m going to be honest with you.  Towards the end I gave up on the lettuce and just picked out the spring rolls.

As for the baking, well, I thought some homemade bread would be nice since I still didn’t make it to the grocery store.

I used this recipe I found via Pinterest for Crockpot bread because it’s outrageously hot down South and I don’t feel like preheating the oven.  Some adjustments to the original recipe: for the seasoning I used dried rosemary and oregano, black pepper, and regular brown sugar.

The dough smelled heavenly even before I turned on the cooker.  It was rising quite nicely the second time, and I started to feel like maybe I wasn’t so bad at life.

Then I turned on the cooker and the nice round, smooth loaf caved in almost immediately.  On top of that, it stuck to the wax paper after it was done baking.  The texture and flavor were nice though, so I’m not sure I would call it a total Pinterest Fail.  Note to self: find tips on how to improve Crockpot bread.  I’m sure some science is involved.




6 thoughts on “Desperate times”

  1. I agree with you on the iceberg lettuce, but once you have it, rather than chuck it, you came up with an excellent solution. The bread looks delicious.

  2. Next time, use parchment paper instead of wax paper. Nothing sticks to parchment paper! And your idea of topping your salad w/ spring rolls is a great one. Sort of like eating spring rolls Vietnamese style. Wrap rolls in lettuce, with mint leaves, and dip in nuoc cham. Yum!

    1. Thanks for the tips, Angie! I ate a lot of lettuce wraps when I was home. Was sort of thinking the chopped lettuce with spring rolls would be the same idea. I should have used nuoc cham instead of salad dressing, brilliant!

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