Featured photographer: Taryn Collett

It has become one of my life goals to be involved in endeavors that bring together people who consider themselves artists, whatever that expression of art means to them.  We will attract one another and accumulate like hydrogen bonds in water.  

The artist is a creator of ideas; an innovator; a free-thinker, dreamer, and visionary.  S/he sees the world in a particular way that can only be expressed through his/her chosen form.

The artist understands that s/he may never be truly understood but that it is better to create anyway.

I have been fortunate to have met some of the most interesting people through martial arts.

Meet Taryn Collett, a photographer based in Savannah, Georgia.  A proud local (“I’m #sosavannah I was Little Miss Savannah…….. In 1991″), Taryn’s love for this city shines through in her photography and her general sunny disposition.  At the risk of embarrassing her with flattery, I thought the best way to thank her for taking photos for the gym was to feature her on my blog.

I find myself struggling to describe in words the beauty that I see in this art form I love so much.  To most people, it seems contradictory, maybe even counterintuitive.  I think Taryn’s photos have successfully captured what I cannot express.  Thanks to her and the Iron Muay Thai family for supporting our students in Atlanta this past weekend.

The world needs more artists and fewer politicians. You can quote me on that.


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