Casanova’s Demise

Actual phone conversation with my mother earlier today, whilst I was tromping in the field [some parts have been translated]:

Mom: You got any more chicken?  I need more egg. 

Noony: I didn’t think you wanted anymore because you had all those new ones hatch.  So I didn’t put your name on the list, and now all the chickens are probably claimed.  But if there are any left at the end, I will get one or two for you.

Mom: Oh. Okay, just asking.  If you can, bring more for me.  You know, I had to get rid of that Cash boy (Casanova, her first rooster).  

Noony: Uh…really?  Why?

Mom: He too mean.  He always fighting everybody and fighting me too.  I get mad, you know.  He really hurt my leg this time, and I got rid of him.

Noony: Oh, gosh.  Well… did he taste good at least?

Mom: Not sure.  Pa said he taste pretty good.  I only eat his ankle and foot, the one he used to hit me.  I still have bad hurt on my leg, it’s really throbbing.  But anyway, yeah…get some more for me, if you can.


And that’s the story of Casanova’s demise.


5 thoughts on “Casanova’s Demise”

    1. She has some other roosters that she says she’ll have to separate because they’re starting to fight too. Hopefully they won’t all have the same end as Casanova. I thought he was just mean because he ran the harem but maybe it’s all roosters.

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