No mud. No lotus. (Part I: The Harvest)

I stopped by the Shire for a quick visit on the way to the fights.  I arrived late Friday evening after a long, trying week at work.  A bowl of gapoon nam paa (rice noodles in fish broth) with lots of fresh-picked herbs awaited me, followed by the sleep of innocent babes.

In the morning, Mom’s lotus flower opened in greeting.  I watched a bumblebee fly in a gradual spiral around the blossom, darting in and out between the yellow stamen.  I began to feel more centered.

I hadn’t planned on visiting until later in the month, but things came up.  Being home, in my refuge, allows me to think about the people in my life who inadvertently help me practice patience and compassion.  Because, lord, was I tested this week.  In the Shire, I was reminded that some of the most beautiful things arise from foul conditions.

No mud. No lotus.

Mug of coffee in hand, I walked across the dewy grass to where Mom and Pa Boun were harvesting vegetables for the farmer’s market hosted by the Thai temple.

Paak boong (morning glory)
Bitter melon vines, used in dishes or served as a side.

Mom’s new roosters are doing well and none have attacked her, so far.

Fancy some crispy frogs?

Thankful for every minute of this short visit Home.


5 thoughts on “No mud. No lotus. (Part I: The Harvest)”

  1. Lovely! The Shire sounds like an absolute refuge — can I come next time? 🙂 I love going home to visit; all the home cooked meals and the abundance of my mom’s garden always puts me back to center again. Looks like the Shire does that for you. All those herbs and flowers are so impressive!

    1. Hi, Ngan! Thanks for your thoughts. My mom loves visitors – I think she would be happy if you came along! She would send you off with a trunk full of vegetables and potted plants. 🙂

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