A “Pho”-ppy shower to be remembered

Yeah, we are those odd people who threw a puppy shower for our new family member, Singh Tong (aka Miracle Merle).  It’s probably not surprising, considering we are the same people who made Christmas stockings for turtles.  

I’d like to say I went all out and made all kinds of puppy-themed treats for the party.  But I didn’t even decorate, and B did most of the cleaning.  I just focused on feeding the greatest number of people, the simplest way possible.  And the best way to do that is with a giant pot of pho.  I know I talk about pho a lot on this blog but, hey, my entire life can almost be summed up as a gathering of people, centered around a giant pot of pho.

Side note: do you know what you forget to consider when throwing a pho party?  The number of bowls in your cabinet.  For me, this number is not a lot.  And I don’t just mean any bowls, but the kind that will suitably house noodles and broth.  I went out and bought three more bowls but still had to do a good bit of washing.

Making proper pho is somewhat time consuming, which is why I usually make the cheat version.  Every once in a while, for a worthy cause, I can be convinced to go the extra mile.  The chicken broth simmered for hours.

I found a Vietnamese grocer closer to my house than the one I had been visiting, and she was well-stocked with fresh produce.  I even picked and cleaned the bean sprouts because it’s considered poor etiquette to serve them to your guests with the stringy roots still attached (I wasn’t raised in a barn).  Noonie and I never cared for this process as kids, although doing it together was much more fun than the hour I spent yesterday, alone.  Mostly alone.  There was a nosy puppy involved for part of the time.

But don’t the picked sprouts look so much more appetizing?

I also made a holiday punch.  Hey, see – I can be sort of festive!

The human guests enjoyed the food, and Singh discovered he really likes piles of leaves.

And mostly, there was lots of napping.  Overall, I think it was a successful pho puppy – a pho-ppy – shower.


7 thoughts on “A “Pho”-ppy shower to be remembered”

    1. He suckles in his dreams, it’s so cute! The punch was delicious…maybe I bring it to the Fiesta one of these weeks? Hope you have a wonderful week, Nancy!

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