More fun things in jars

As you may know, I am currently going through a phase involving food in mason jars.  

Yogurt is not something I grew up eating.  It wasn’t a staple in the house because the few times I tried it, I gagged.  Freezing made it more palatable, but once it started melting, back into the freezer it went.  I’m not sure when I acquired the taste for yogurt.  My favorite is the coconut flavored Dutchie Brand found in Southeast Asian 7-Elevens.  There are cubes of coconut jelly mixed into the yogurt… oh my!

I know I’m not the only one who ever thought to put yogurt in mason jars, but they have brightened my mornings all week.  I buy the 24-oz tub of honey vanilla Greek yogurt, frozen berries, and organic granola.  Just layer all the ingredients in the jars and store in the fridge for a quick and healthful breakfast or 3:00 pick-me-up.  They fit neatly in my lunch cooler and (in my opinion) the yogurt tastes better served in glass rather than plastic containers.  Trust me!

OK, now go have a nice Thursday!


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