Random thoughts while traveling: San Diego



Who remembers that song, “Cumberland Gap”?

Is this even a real song?  The words go like this: Going Wesssssttttt!!! In a covered wagonnn.  Gid-a-long muuuule!!! Giddy up, giddy up!  [something something something] Across the Cumberland gaaaaaapppp…Anyone?  No?

Now there is a good example of indoctrination.  Thank you, Western education and my 5th grade play.

The sunrise is beautiful.  I’m glad I could share it with B and Singh.  I’m going to miss them both.  Singh cries at the drop off.

I knew I was going to be pushing the connecting flight from the start, and then the flight attendant informed us that the flight was delayed.  Nope, not going to make it.  Just thankful that I had a flight after the recent Delta snafu.  Good news!  Flight attendant informs us that she can put us on an earlier flight.  I follow her to the counter.

What’s the last name?

I tell her and she pauses, glances up at me.

Pen khon Thai, chai mai?

Mai chai, khon Lao na ka.

Oh. Khon Lao.

There is a trace of disappointment on her face.  She doesn’t smile.  It is a familiar reaction, when a Thai mistakes me for a Thai and learns I’m Lao instead.  She changes my flight and hands me a little slip of paper. I am only mildly offended and grateful for the early flight.

How many work e-mails will I miss while in the air?  What disaster will I find when I get back to the office Monday morning?

Ofatumumab is a funny word.  I think it’s quickly becoming a new favorite.  I can’t wait to learn all about monoclonal antibody therapy.

A giant man sits wedged between me and a smallish gentleman.  He mutters to himself over his Sudoku decisions.  You could not fit a larger person between two smaller people.  Ok, maybe you could.  You probably could.

It’s not humid.  The taxi driver didn’t give me a receipt!

Two independent concierges recognize me as Lao immediately.  This would never happen on the east coast.

I am on a mission to find sushi burritos.

Where is the zoo?

I love San Diego.


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