I ate my way through San Diego

Business trips for me never leave enough time to explore the city.  I may go to some really fun places like Orlando or Vegas but usually only see the inside of a conference room.  And then it’s back on the plane and back to the insanity I left behind at the office.

My trip to San Diego somehow worked out to allow me ample time for exploring and doing what I do best – eating!  Noonie was out there recently for a wedding and raved about the poké, which I haven’t had since that one trip to visit her in Hawaii.  Other friends mentioned sushi burritos.  I have only recently heard of this phenomenon and hence made it my life’s ambition to eat them.

In fact, it was my first priority after arriving at the hotel, washing up, and getting oriented.  My strategy was to enter “sushi burrito” into Google Maps and pick the one closest to me, within walking distance.  Fortunately, the first one to pop up had good reviews.

So that’s how I found myself at Sushi Freak (the one on Sixth Avenue in the Gaslamp Quarter) and for just $7.95, I tasted perfection.  If there were one thing I could eat every day for the rest of my life, I feel pretty sure it would be this.  I don’t even know how it compares to other sushi burritos but in that moment, sitting by myself at the window seat like a single workaholic with 13 cats who reads study protocols in her spare time, I felt a sense of completeness that no man could take away.  It was that serious.

On the second day, I roped a new friend into hiking 2.5 miles, uphill, on a quest to find Poké Go .  It was a straight shot up Fifth Ave. but whereas I originally thought 2.5 miles was a reasonable distance to walk for poké, I started to lose confidence the further we traveled through random parts of the city.


As soon as I tasted the first bite, I started to worry what would happen when there was no more poké and I had to go back home where there was no such place as poké shops.

Several hours and 15,000 steps later, after getting off course for a very long time in Balboa Park, but still not hungry…

I dragged my new friend in circles to find Ramen Yamadaya where I ordered Tonkotsu Spicy (level 3, no pork).  The noodles were completely drenched in rich, deep miso broth and it was the perfect serving size for someone who had been eating basically all day (if you count breakfast and lunch at the conference).

After that, I still wasn’t done.  How could I pass up OMG Crepes, right in front of the hotel??  They don’t have crepe stands back home either.  Facing ridicule from my new friend, I took my banana and nutella crepe back to the hotel room, where I showered and promptly fell asleep with the to-go box on my comforter.  It was delicious, even cold.

Although I’m sure I merely brushed the surface, I will miss you and all your tempting treats, San Diego.  A girl could get really, really fat yet have surprisingly toned legs from eating her way through your streets.


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