Things I did today

Today came at me like a freight train.

No alarm – battery dead –

Let the dogs out

made coffee (one Vietnamese for him and one regular brewed to-go)

read a book while the dogs played.

Got to work before the first patient.  Win!

Answered emails, uploaded documents

ran upstairs, ran downstairs

Stopped at the other office down the street.

Got a text from Nooniedo you have time for a quick visit? 

Gave the car to B, hugged my puppy in the parking lot

watched my niece pet the puppy (hugged the niece too)

hugged pregnant Noonie

said goodbye.

Referrals referrals…more patients.

Pushed back lunch, stole a quick brownie

answered more emails

up the stairs, down the stairs

ate lunch finally

teleconference times two

dropped everything, rushed to the hospital,

cheered as a co-worker rang the bell after her last round of chemo

tried not to cry, hugged the co-worker

went back to the office to pick up the things I dropped.

Went to the gym, kicked and punched,

ranted about all the injustices

walked the puppy

went home

played with dogs

ate spaghetti

falling asleep on the couch.

Things I did not do today: Take life for granted.




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