The simple life

I wake up to roosters crowing, old hens clucking like they know something.
I just want to sleep in but there’s Mom rushing –
“Load up the van, find a¬†sinh¬†to wear, don’t forget the paa bieng, tie up your hair.” Continue reading The simple life


In the Kitchen with Noony: the glory and the sorrow

I’ve been told that I’m a good cook. I make things that are edible and nourishing and occasionally pleasing to the eye. My abilites are nowhere close to my chef brother though, and I don’t always win in the kitchen. Amongst the most memorable of my kitchen disasters is the time I thought a pastry mat was made of silicone and it melted in the oven. Zero biscuits survived the incident.¬† Continue reading In the Kitchen with Noony: the glory and the sorrow

The YouShare Project

A quick note before I head off to the Shire for Pii Mai celebrations:

The YouShare Project reached out to me a few weeks ago and have published an adaption of my two blog posts, Exodus and Stateless.  This is an awesome project that provides a hub for inspirational, encouraging, and true personal stories.  Give them a read and if you have an incredible story of your own to share, consider submitting it to them for publication.

Have a great weekend, and sabaidee pii mai!

My story on YouShare



One time in refugee camp…

One time in refugee camp… my father built a statue.

Mother was several months pregnant, but no one believed her. She hadn’t gained a pound and there was no obvious “bump.”  Father helped build a Buddha statue in the camp, which some people say is taboo for a man whose wife is expecting. Continue reading One time in refugee camp…

A time I didn’t speak English

Nakhon Panom, circa 1983.

On the way¬†to my¬†brother’s wedding rehearsal, we took a road I have not traveled in years. ¬†It is a pretty well-known route into the downtown area, but I rarely leave the house¬†when I visit my parents. ¬†Everything looked familiar yet strange all at once. ¬†Before my family purchased the 25 acres that came to be known as the Shire, our first home in America was a run-down¬†trailer on the busy side of town. ¬† Continue reading A time I didn’t speak English

The ‘Fugees Family Vacation

Outside my uncle’s house in Tampa, circa 1987

The highlight of my childhood was summers at my uncle’s house in Florida. ¬†Towards the end of each school year, my brother and I¬†would be itching for freedom,¬†anticipating the beach and seafood. ¬† Continue reading The ‘Fugees Family Vacation