Random thoughts while traveling: Nor(fick)

This is me, packed for a business trip.  I pack exactly enough.  EXACTLY enough.  I’m getting good at that and it’s a little sad.

No makeup in the luggage (there’s no point).  It just takes up space.  No contact lenses because I lost the last one in a toilet incident and I don’t have an appointment until the weekend.  My glasses don’t stay on my nose and that makes me anxious.  What if I have to run from kidnappers?  The glasses will surely slow me down.  At least I am wearing running shoes. Continue reading Random thoughts while traveling: Nor(fick)


I ate my way through San Diego

Business trips for me never leave enough time to explore the city.  I may go to some really fun places like Orlando or Vegas but usually only see the inside of a conference room.  And then it’s back on the plane and back to the insanity I left behind at the office. Continue reading I ate my way through San Diego